EarthquakesThe goal of this data visualization was to show the history of earthquakes in California along the San Andreas fault. As with many of the projects I took on for Popular Science magazine, this one involved a lot of research into the science and some editorial choices on the data being shown.  For example, I had


CentraliaThe goal of this visualization was to show how the town of Centralia, PA has changed over time due to an underground coal-seam fire. Unlike a lot of my other work which utilizes almost 100% custom code, this project used mostly off-the-shelf components, customized to match Popular Science's look and feel. I pitched additional overlays

Stock Screener

Stock ScreenerThe goal of this visualization was to create a different way to find stocks that are similar to each other. The idea is to improve on the numbers-based stock screener, which is a staple of investing and brokerage sites. When you are looking for stocks to invest in, the most common tool you might

Gross Domestic Product and Debt

Gross Domestic Product and DebtThe goal of this project is to show how gross domestic product and debt change over time for individual countries. The data come from the World Bank and the IMF. Countries are ranked each year and the visualization shows the changes in this rank over time, as well as the changes

Teaching D3

Teaching D3The goal of this data visualization was to introduce a group of aspiring coders to D3. Many intro to D3 workshops focus on a very basic bar chart. This might be good for learning the fundamentals, but a scatterplot is a whole lot more interesting. Through the magic of D3, it's really not all

Site Traffic

Site TrafficThe goal of this visualization was to show site traffic in a unique way. The data for this project is based on actual web logs from a financial web site. The circles in the visualization represent pages, and the curved lines between the pages represent the frequency of travel between pages. Distance between circles


HyperloopThe goal of this visualization was to show what travel times would look like using Elon Musk's Hyperloop concept. Hyperloop is currently in the conceptual and testing phase, so there wasn't any data to generate this visualization. The first step to create a dataset was to decide which cities would be a part of the


MeteorsThe goal of the meteors project was to give a sense of how often damaging meteors strike the earth. Since meteor strikes haven't been tracked accurately for the past 100 years, much less the past 100 million years, simple visualizing the existing data wasn't an option.  Instead, I chose to research what scientists have extrapolated