Site Traffic
The goal of this visualization was to show site traffic in a unique way.

The data for this project is based on actual web logs from a financial web site. The circles in the visualization represent pages, and the curved lines between the pages represent the frequency of travel between pages. Distance between circles shows how often users travel between those two pages. Color of the circle represents the parent folder for that page. Note that users sometimes refresh a page multiple times before leaving – this is readily apparent by looking at the paths that loop directly back to that page.

If you hover over a circle, you’ll see small dots traveling the paths. These are the actual visits to the site that traversed through the page you are hovering on. Additional statistics about the pages are show in the right panel.

One thing that’s interesting to note is that this site has separate mobile and desktop pages. Looking at weblogs, this might not be immediately obvious, but in this visualization the separation of these two groups of pages is immediately apparent.

This is a proof of concept data visualization.

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