The goal of this data visualization was to show the history of earthquakes in California along the San Andreas fault.

As with many of the projects I took on for Popular Science magazine, this one involved a lot of research into the science and some editorial choices on the data being shown.  For example, I had hoped to incorporate was the depth of the quakes since that factors into the damage they cause, but after seeing it in the visualization, I realized that it was confusing and distracted from the overall goal, so I removed it.  

Another interesting aspect of the project involved combining the satellite image of the state with the gps data for the earthquakes.  Since the purpose of the visualization was to show the prominence of the San Andreas fault, it was important that the earthquake locations appear in the correct spots.  Interestingly, I felt that for all its notoriety, the San Andreas fault does not get quite as many quakes as I would have expected.  I think it would have been interesting to see some of the other major fault lines in the state.  Once the quakes have all been plotted on the map, you can almost see where they would be.

This project appeared in Popular Science magazine.

Launch Earthquake Map